Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picture Post

Story time fun! 
Anyone want some plums?! These came from our tree in the back yard and they are d-lish!
Eden wanted to be wrapped like a baby, so I swaddled her. And Hunter put a hat on her!
Hunter sleeping with his new LSU pillow pet from Daddy.
My little dare devil!
There are days that I love my dogs, and there are days that I just want them to stay far, far away from me. This happened to make me feel like the safest place for them was far, far away from me. They left this gem for us in the middle of the living room floor while we were at the mall. It wasn't even a new basket...or new toys...or in a new place. Ugh!
Another goodie from Daddy!
Hunter is getting to be so handsome! There are days that he looks like such a grown up little boy to me.
With just a sweet little innocence of baby left!
This window was letting in so much heat in the mornings, so I had a friend come hang the blinds for me. You can no longer fry an egg on the granite counters early in the morning when the sun is beaming!
The first nap in a week! She's been refusing ALL naps, but every few days she needs those extra z's. 
Home made vegetable soup. Lots and lots of it! I made plenty for the freezer.
The facing on the bath tub. I'm so excited!!!!!
Eden's last goodie from Daddy - a reusable sticker book.
Dance parties are all fun and games...
...until someone accidentally releases the balloon! 
Under the blanket lies Ginger, the dog that we thought we were going to have to give away because she doesn't like children! Boy were we wrong...
Hunter sitting in timeout is becoming quite a regular these days. I think he'll eventually understand that hitting isn't nice. I hope he eventually does, anyways.

Yup, timeout again. This time he wasn't hitting his sister, he was hitting his friend who was hitting him back. 
Movie time!
Playing at Kidventures on the fire truck. Lots of fun!

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