Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This week the kids and I will have our monthly ice cream date, and we will celebrate being 3 months closer to hugging Daddy! What could be sweeter? Over the past 3 months I have fallen in love with Lane over and over and over again {this is where I get mushy and lovey dovey - sorry!} Every time my phone rings my heart leaps out of my chest because it could be him - so if it's you, and I seem sad or let down when I answer, just know that you aren't him. Oh man, if you could hear the excitement from the kids when my phone rings! Hunter will come running from anywhere in the house, and it doesn't matter what Eden is doing, she immediately starts showing off. I love seeing his face when we talk, and the kids get even more excited than I do!

Lane might not be sending flowers or presents or goodies every day {which would break the bank, let's be real!} but he's there for us. When he talks to the kids he actually plays with them. He makes faces with Hunter - priceless! Eden will take my phone and go color, go swing, just go away and it's just the 2 of them talking. Sometimes he calls and he just watches what the kids are doing. If they fight or argue he steps up and tells them to work it out and makes sure they're being nice to one another. If I've mentioned that I've had a rough day, or few days, he mentions to Eden that she needs to make sure to be a helper for me. He also praises her for the days that I tell him she's been spectacular and has helped me out! He might be far away, but he's still so close! When I see him with our kids it melts my heart. Knowing that the kids squeal with delight at the idea of talking to him is so awesome!

Lane has made sure to be there for me at all of my special moments since he's been gone. He's called before and after my races and he's asked about Jane Wayne Day {JWD}. I talked to him in the middle of JWD and he was giving me pointers on what to do when I went to the range to shoot. He told me before my half marathon this weekend to remember him singing loud at the La Jolla Half Marathon to get me to run faster. He supports me in everything that I do even from afar! I couldn't ask for more - well, I guess I could. I could ask for the support from home! But, since I can't get that now, I will just continue falling in love with him from his current "home!"

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