Monday, August 19, 2013


Yesterday Murphy and his law decided to squash my good times, and give me a run for my money - quite literally since I ran a half marathon AND ended up spending cash I didn't expect to spend...

It all started when my phone alarmed at 2:45am yesterday. My alarm was set for 3:30, so at least I was able to get back to sleep after turning off my calendar reminder and then just wake for my real alarm - which was still way too early. I had planned my morning so nothing could go wrong. I was taking Lane's car down to the race, so I made sure it had gas in it. I put my spoon in the fridge on top of my yogurt. My bib number was with my shoes smack in front of the door so I had to trip over them to get out of the house. The keurig was filled, my cup was under the pour spout, and my k cup was sitting on top, ready to go in. See, nothing could go wrong! Everything was in line, and in order for me to get out and leave the house on time. {The kids stayed overnight with a friend so I didn't have to get them up and ready - just me - easy peasy!}

I got out the door, started driving, and about 10 minutes away from the house I realized I didn't have my ear buds for my music while I was running. At this point, I should have driven back home and crawled back into bed and called it a day! But I didn't. I kept going. I called Lane on my way down to the race and we talked a bit. He encouraged me to keep going, don't stop, all the good things he was yelling at me when we did the La Jolla race together in April.

I finished the race with no problem. Well, I finished the race. That's when everything really started to unravel! I got in my car to leave and as I was sitting in traffic someone told me that I had a flat tire. I called Anna, who had come to the finish to cheer me on, and she was willing to sit in the parking lot with me while I tried to figure out what my next step was. There were 3 random men standing around, so I asked them to help me change my tire. They did. The car rolled of the jack TWICE while they were changing the tire. Then the spare tire was flat. I called for roadside assistance and they sent a tow truck and gave me a tire store within my towing allowance on my insurance. I called to tell them I was coming in - they were closed! Of course they were, why wouldn't they be! Anna and I found a different tire place, called, they were less than a mile away. Next up, tow truck drove in circles in the parking lot looking for us as I watched him and told him where I was. Once at the tire place we discovered that I needed 4 new tires. The tires were old and in terrible shape! I left the car there, Anna drove me to Angie's house - where my kids were - and on the way up I realized that I didn't have my garage opener and wouldn't be able to get into my house. It wasn't the end of the world, I stayed at Angie's until we left her house at 3:30 to go pick up my car {I was supposed to get my kids out of Angie's hair around 11 at the latest!} We went down, got my car {left the older of our 4 kids with her neighbor/our babysitter and took the younger 2 so they'd get something of a nap in the car}, and as we were driving back home Angie called to say that my van keys were in her car. Not a big deal except I was going to stop at my house, get the van, then go get my kids because the car seats are in the van! Oh my goodness!

The day could only get better from there, right? Wrong. On my way home I was driving my normal route - the HOV lane on the interstate - and realized about a mile before my exit that I had done that the whole way without anyone else in my car. I don't know what I would have done if I had been pulled over. I would have cried for sure. The officer would have passed out from my stench when he got to my window. I hadn't had a chance to take a shower after the half that morning {and it was close to 6 by this point}, I stunk!!!!

When I was telling my parents how bad my day was my mom said things had to start looking up and I joked that I couldn't possibly say that because somehow things kept happening. I said something about my kids busting their heads open in the shower. Well, I should have kept my mouth shut! Hunter slipped and hit his forehead in the shower on the seat/shelf, and then Eden slipped and fell on her hip right on the metal door frame.

When I finally got in bed last night all I could do was laugh about everything that happened. If it could happen, it did. I'm so glad that we've got great friends around who are willing to drop everything to help us out. I couldn't have made it through the day yesterday without help. Everyone was willing to change their plans to make sure that me and my kids were taken care of and that we were safe and sane.  Today was a million times better and I hope Murphy takes his law somewhere else, because I had enough of it yesterday!

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