Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hunter was giving his hand to Lane so he would wipe it off. 
Eden's turn!
Fun elephants at the Safari Park!
Hunter was tired after a long, hot day at the zoo.
Movie and popcorn
Coen was eating a messy brownie!
Bad to the bone
These 2 can warm my heart!
Oh man! Can it possibly be real?! My bib number was 655. I couldn't believe I had such a low number.
My little dancer before her first real class.
Stretching in class.
Sassy pants on her motorcycle after dance class.
Dad sent me this picture of where they buried Frasier. I still can't think about him {or going home in a month} without getting teary-eyed. We're going to miss that fur ball!
Bed head morning picture to send to Daddy.
Eden and I cleaned the toy room and I moved some things around. I'm hoping that with everything moved I've got more space for the kids to hang out.
Hunter said, "Maaaaaaa-ma! Haaa!" meaning, "Look Mom, it's a hat!"

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