Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Movie Night

Lane has a pretty cool projector in his room while he's on deployment. We saw it before he left, but thought it wouldn't be worth the money. Well, once he got there and realized how little there was to do in his down time he quickly changed his mind. The guys will get together and play Tiger Woods Golf on the xbox that Lane took, or they'll watch a movie.

I decided that since he's having such a great time with his projector, he might as well get full use out of it. I opted for a movie night box for him. I stocked it with some good movie theater candies and some popcorn. He doesn't have a microwave in his room, but he said he has access to one. The movies that I'm sending him are the cheap, $5 movies from Target. Once I knew I wanted to send the box I just picked up a movie here and there if I saw something that I thought he'd watch.

{The Dances With Wolves movie will probably come home unopened, but it was a must! There's an ultimate embarrassing story that goes along with it, and I might as well let you in on the secret...I mean, I was only 7 or 8 when it happened! I told my friend's mom that when the man and woman are naked together in the movie that it made my butt tickle...are you done laughing yet...?! Ok, ok, like I said...I was too little to have any idea what I was talking about - or that I should keep those feelings to myself at least! So I put a note in the box with the movie that said, "I hope this doesn't make your butt tickle," because I know it'll give Lane a good laugh too. He makes fun of me for this at any chance he's given, so I'm just going to embrace it...I was little! I had no idea!!! And I can't believe I just told that story!!!!!!!}

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