Friday, August 9, 2013

Bubble Bath

I did something tonight that I haven't been able to do in what seems like AGES! I took a bath in the master bathroom garden tub! This may seem like some small ordinary ordeal, but it is actually huge!!!

You see? This is what our bath tub looked like a year ago - more than a year ago! Last June Lane went to give Eden a bath and when he tried to turn the water off to the tub...nothing happened. We had to turn the water off to the house, have a plumber come out {twice} and tell us that ripping the bath tub apart like that wasn't necessary...ugh. The whole thing was a nightmare. 

Then enter the demo of the bathroom ceiling,
which led to the mirror falling off the wall, 
which led to taking out the whole 9 foot vanity {that we had planned on eventually replacing anyways}, 
which then we realized the tile didn't go under the vanity, 
which led to ripping out the hall bath tile {because it matched the master bathroom tile}, 
buuuuuut we didn't come out with enough full pieces of tile, 
so we had to retile the hallway bathroom,
and then we eventually made it back into the master bath to re-finish our work from last June...

to tile, 
put up bead board, 
frame the windows, 
re-put together the ceiling, 
re-light the bathroom, 
frame and put a new face on the bath tub, 
build the vanities, 
and hang things - curtains {that I made} pictures {that I painted} and mirrors.
So, tonight, I took a bath...and stared at my brand new bathroom!
Please ignore the ceiling above the sinks that needs to be trimmed, the fact that one mirror isn't hung {because I almost killed myself and broke the one that is hanging by doing it by myself!}, and the fact that my sinks don't actually's still a work in progress! Maybe next year everything will actually work!

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