Sunday, August 11, 2013

Motherhood Is...{32}

This week my biggest blessing is my friends.

I know, I know, you're looking at a picture of my feet {in brand new shoes!}, but I'm talking about my friends...Strange. But it isn't! This week I hit a deployment slump. I was in a funk and I wasn't sure why. The kids were behaving, we'd gone days without a timeout, Eden was using her manners, Hunter wasn't screaming - things were good. Which is why it was hard for me to talk to Lane at one point this week. He saw that I wasn't having a good day and I responded with, "today was just hard for me," but there was nothing outwardly hard about it. He didn't get it {he's not anything like me when it comes to this kind of stuff, I didn't expect him to get it}, but he did catch it and notice that something was up, so props!

I was talking to friends about my slump, and they were my "shoulder to cry on" because I didn't want to "cry" to Lane {even though I eventually did anyways!} Angie took my kids one morning and told me to just go out. Go somewhere, do something, and leave the kids at her house! I jumped at the idea. Originally I was going to go for a long run to help me prepare for my half marathon {in just a week!} but I decided not to. I even got dressed for my run and then changed at the last minute.

I went shopping. I didn't want to spend money, I just wanted to go to the mall and walk around. So I did. I got my coffee and I walked through the stores that have glass things, I wandered in and out of the stores that have things for ME, and I didn't buy anything for my kids! I found those shoes for $9 at Target {yes, there's a Target at our mall...and it's 3 stories tall!} There was a cute boutique type store {that my stroller doesn't fit through} that was having a buy one get one half off sale, so I got a dress for Lane's homecoming and for a baby shower I'm going to. Other than that, I just walked. I didn't answer questions about why, how, where, what next, can I have a snack, what's that, or anything else.

It was great to just get away and help pull myself from my slump and I couldn't have done it without the help of friends!

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