Friday, April 4, 2014

So Much Going On

There has been so much that has happened in our lives that I'm struggling to figure out where to begin this update. Oh wait...that's the easy part! Lane found out the week between the birthday parties that he would be leaving again - and he's already gone. Yup, just that quick. He's around the globe again for months at a time and the kids and I are holding down the fort.

Since it was such a quick thing we tried to throw as much family time in as we could. Some days we just did something close to where Lane was if he had to run errands for work, other days we had full 100% days off for him - not many. Some of the things that we were able to throw together were:
The Zoo - Lane had never been! Say whaaaaat?!
Sea World
Yuma Air Show

So...we've been figuring things out again. The kids and I are getting into our groove. We're sticking to our regular schedule and trying not to change things up too much. This time is a little bit harder because now I have 2 kids asking for Daddy. Hunter gets it and he's not been too happy about the goodbyes.
 The last time Lane left he gave the kids a recordable book. This time around he just gave the kids some new toys. It was helpful to give them something to look forward to once we got home.

 And then the hugs began and my tears started flowing. I don't like to see my kids sad - or Lane sad for that matter!

 To make up for our sad feelings we had donuts at the USO. The kids got to play in the family room when we were waiting on Mimi and Pop and so they were really excited to get to go back!

And eventually the early wake-up time for the kids got to Hunter. He fell asleep rather quickly in the car on the way home from Daddy-drop-off.

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