Monday, April 28, 2014

La Jolla

Well, I did it. I swore I wouldn't, but I did! I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon this past weekend. It wasn't as terrible as last year. I mean, it was, but I knew what to expect, so it wasn't. The hill up into Torrey Pines State Park was still there, and so were the smaller inclines, but I had better expectations for them this year. I knew that I'd try my best for as much of the hill, but I wouldn't beat myself up to get up the hill running.
My time was better this year by 4.5 minutes, which is about 20 seconds/mile! I didn't get to do many long runs, and for the 2 weeks that we were doing family stuff before Lane left I only ran a few times. I'd say I definitely came out on top this year! I felt stronger and more confident when I was running. I also feel better after my run this year. I'm not limping up and down the stairs because of sore muscles. I am limping everywhere I take a step, though. Check this beauty out!
She started out as a hot spot right around mile 5 or 6 and progressively got less and less comfortable. I found her when I took my shoes off in the beer garden after the race. Because of the blister {and since BOTH of my kids napped today} I took advantage and pampered myself a bit.
I found a foot soak recipe on pinterest and figured I'd give it a go after I took a shower. It was nice to just sit in silence and taking care of myself. After my soak I took a sweet nap! It was a blissful afternoon, which was great after a hard morning!

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