Friday, April 4, 2014

Air Show

As soon as we found out that Lane was going to be flying the plane out to the Yuma air show to be part of the static displays I wanted to go with the kids. Lane was reluctant because it was his first road trip as the aircraft commander - oh yes, that happened in the midst of our crazy lives. Lane upgraded to aircraft commander. Once he got to Yuma, he realized that it was something the kids would enjoy and he asked me to come on over. Yes, it was Friday late afternoon and we needed to get there Friday night. But it was worth it because the kids loved it and we got extra time with Lane. And who can beat waking up to the kids who are hugging like this?
We got Planes from Santa. I made sure to let the kids watch the movie on the way to Yuma and we were really excited to see a crop duster as part of the static displays. 
While we were watching the planes flying around doing their tricks the kids wanted to take pictures of each other. 

In the midst of all the fun the kids fell asleep in the stroller. Having a few minutes of peace and quiet was a great part of the day. It was nice to have a break from telling the kids to stop climbing on things they weren't supposed to be climbing on. They get to see the plane so much that they think it's their own personal playground. 
And of course since we were right down the street from a Cracker Barrel {and there aren't ANY in the state of California} we had to make sure to have dinner before hitting the road home. 

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