Sunday, April 20, 2014


My favorite family event that we did before Lane left for deployment was our camping trip. We told the kids that it was going to be time without technology {except phones for pictures} and that we were just going to enjoy our time together. We were able to take the dogs with us so it was a true whole family event. 
 We went hiking with the dogs and kids. We let the kids climb on things. Everyone was just able to be creative and relaxed.

 The kids were more than excited to make hot dogs over the open fire before making s'mores.

 The next morning was quite cold, and because we hadn't really had much time to plan the trip {we decided to go camping and made it out the door within an hour!} we were very ill-prepared for the morning. Just before getting into the campsite we noticed the general store and a small restaurant. We opted for breakfast inside to help warm us up. The kids loved their hot chocolate!

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