Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sea World

One of our Family Fun Days before Lane left for his "long trip" was a day at Sea World. Lane had work stuff to take care of at Camp Pendleton, but it didn't take too long, and Sea World didn't open until 11 anyways. I packed snacks up and had things mostly ready when he got home when we headed out to see Shamu.

When we got to the park we made sure to see as much as we could while seeing all the shows we could. We opted out of the Shamu show, but the kids loved watching the whales swimming around.
 We had to make a visit to Sesame Street land. They have kid rides and we saw some of the characters while we were over there. Hunter loved waving, but had very little interest in actually talking to them.
 My favorite is always the rides. The giggles that come out of the kids when we do rides of any sort are amazing! They're pure joy and totally genuine.

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