Saturday, April 26, 2014

21 Day Fix Conclusion

So check this out...I lost 6 pounds and 7.75 inches! Not to mention the strength that I gained!!! I couldn't be happier with the results from this program. I've enjoyed the nutrition portion of it and it's helped me start thinking outside the box, but kept us healthy. My kids love brussel sprouts! Who would have known!!! And I enjoy a cup of black coffee. Who would have known!!! My favorite realization was that when I go to grab a snack, there's nothing in the pantry for me. Most everything I eat now needs to come from the refrigerator - fresh!

And I haven't given up! I'm still going strong and working out every day. I've had to alter the meal plan this week because I have a half marathon tomorrow, so I've eaten more "good" carbs than the plan allows for at the end of the week. I've also not pushed myself as much when it's come to the lower body workouts because I didn't want to burn out my legs. I'm happy with how far I came within the 21 days and I'm excited to be able to keep it up.

I love how I'm feeling stronger because of the workouts! I truly feel better about myself simply because I feel stronger. I don't get as tired when I'm carrying my kids around. This was us leaving a Padres game one night. We move faster when they aren't walking, so I carried both kids out. {Hunter is in a carrier, but I was bearing his weight along with Eden's AND the backpack that we had too.}
I can, on a whim, swoop up Hunter and carry him for decent amounts of time. Eden is a bit more difficult to just swoop up, but I can still lift and carry her! I'll be buff before this is all said and done!

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