Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The *REAL* Ariel

Eden was invited to a birthday party of one of her dance friends this past weekend. We were excited to be going to the princess tea party! It was an all girl's party, so we left Hunter and Daddy at home to spend the morning together. When we got to the party we stated with decorating buckets that were later used in a treasure hunt.

After buckets were decorated, and as participants continued to arrive, {the REAL} Ariel and her helper began giving makeovers - fixing hair {that was sprinkled with glitter!}, placing tiaras, and donning princess dresses. The girls were so cute, and very patient while waiting their turn for different things.

Once everyone had their hair fixed, they sat in a row and Ariel gave them a glitter heart on their cheek and lipgloss.

Once all of the princesses were dressed, they paraded into the tea room for their coronation ceremony. Eden was excited about this because of the movie Frozen. There is a coronation in the movie, and a song that is about the coronation, so she was excited to hear the word in real life!
After coronation the princesses paraded out into the back yard for a group picture. As they paraded into the yard, the girls each waved their wave that they learned from Ariel in the coronation ceremony - Elbow, elbow. Wrist, wrist. Wink an eye and blow a kiss.

When it was time for tea, after the pictures, the princesses paraded back into the dining room. Ariel talked to the princesses about table manners {chew with your mouth closed, wait until everyone has been served, wait to be excused, and so on} and taught them how to sip tea with their pinkies up.

To conclude the party we did the treasure hunt and the princesses ate cake. We had a blast, and the time with just Eden and I was much needed {as was the solo Daddy/Hunter time}. We need to make a point more often to do things alone with the kids.

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