Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Motherhood Is...{6}

The kids and I had a great week together. We had a lot of great moments, with a few moments of crazy thrown in too. The kids helped me celebrate my birthday by blowing out candles and singing "Happy Birthday" for me. Hunter was funny because he sang along with Lane and Eden. He sounded a lot like a backup singer. The song went something like this:
L&E: Happy Birthday to you...
H: Happy
L&E: Happy Birthday to you...
H: Happy
L&E: Happy Birthday to Mommy...
H: Happy
L&E: Happy Birthday to you!
H: Yay {with enthusiastic clapping!}

The kids were able to enjoy a lot of outside time. There were a few days this week that we were able to do outside lunches. While we were inside to play, the kids enjoyed playing a lot of dress up. Hunter has fallen in love with his pirate costume and most days can be found saying, "argh" and running around with a sword.

Not every day was fun and enjoyable. The kids weren't always excited about sharing their toys. This made for some interesting running times. My run times suffer greatly when the kids fight over anything while I'm trying to run. I can't decide some days if it's harder to run with the stroller, or parent from behind the stroller when I'm running.

One morning Eden and Hunter woke up in exceptionally great moods. They pulled the chairs from the toy room and sat at the edge of the kitchen. When they sat down, Eden said to me, "Mommy, we're sitting together! Take our picture!" They're so great when they start the day in a good mood!

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