Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The First 29th

This year is the first time I'm going to turn 29. Next year I'll be 30 - only because I want to have a dirty 30 party with dirty martinis and dirt pudding - and then it's only back down to 29 from there! This year was awesome. On Friday night Lane told me that he was going to give me a choice of what to do for my birthday, but it was a surprise and I had to wait until Sunday. And then left me hanging...

Sunday morning, Eden let it slip that our babysitter was coming over. Lane gave me an hour notice to get ready and then we headed out. That's when my surprise was no longer a surprise. When we got in the car, he told me to open the glove box. There was a picture of a handgun and of a chair. My choices were a gun or furniture. The choice was actually a hard choice for me to make. I could see myself enjoying both.

Because I couldn't decide what to do we went to the shooting range. I knew I didn't want to get a gun without being comfortable with a gun. I enjoyed shooting. I felt more and more comfortable as we kept shooting. Lane started so that he could tell me what kind of kick the gun had and generally how things felt with the gun.
I enjoyed shooting, but determined that I wanted to shoot more before being a gun owner. After shooting we went shopping for furniture. We looked at new kitchen tables and at patio furniture. Shopping without the kids was bliss. We didn't have to tell anyone to stop climbing, jumping, running, yelling, or screaming. After taking a look, we decided to shop around some more and headed to dinner. Sushi had our names all over it. Eden has tried sushi and didn't like it, so it isn't something we've done with the kids. It was delicious!

Today in celebration for my actual birthday Eden and Lane made biscuits and I got breakfast in bed. I got my first home made card from Eden while Hunter slept in. Great start to my birthday! Lane and I then took the kids to the playground and I went for a solo run while the kids and Lane played. The playground is right by the mall, so we stopped by and ran a few errands.
Then it was nap time and finally dinner and cake!

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