Monday, February 24, 2014

Party Time!

So this huge box of more stuff than I know what to do with {plus more in the office!} has taken over our kitchen. It's a box with party supplies for Hunter's party and for Eden's party. Both birthdays are coming up too soon for my liking {one of those bitter sweet moments of parenthood!} and I'm getting into the swing of things and getting things done!

Invitations have been made and sent out. Well, Hunter's have been sent out...Eden's are still a work in progress for now.

Their "party hats" have been picked out!

And in addition to Hunter's vest that I made him, I've got Eden's mermaid tu tu started.
I'm re-using Hunter's birthday banner from his first birthday. I'm glad I saved it {even after staring at it for a year and trying to talk myself into throwing it away!} I'm just adding fabric strips to it to tie it into this year's theme! 
The kids each have their birthday shirts!

But honestly...what I'm most excited about? Oh. My. Goodness! This is what I'm most excited about!

I painted that! I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, but check that out! I didn't know that I could draw something like that. I had Eden stand next to the board so I could figure out where to put the circles and then I just looked at a picture as I drew it. I had most of the paint on hand and I had the glitter that I used for the water and Ariel's fin in my collection of craft stuff. I am SO excited to see this being used at Eden's party. Knowing that I did it makes it that much better!

Here goes! We're in crunch time for party planning and party prep!!!!! I'm so excited!

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