Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sleep Tight

Eden's bed has been done for a while, but I feel like I didn't have great pictures of it all, so I've not posted about it. Now that Eden is getting better about keeping her room clean pictures look a little better! The whole process, beginning to end took me less than 2 weeks. That being said - this is my first "solo" build, and I did a lot of the work when Lane was at work or on the road.

Once I got all the wood home, I unloaded and cut at the same time. That way nothing was stacked into the garage without being cut first. I felt like this was the easiest way for me to make sure I didn't just have a stack of wood in the garage. I organized the pieces in the garage in stacks of the same size so they were easier to count and keep up with.
Sanding the boards took the longest, but I think it's because I wanted the boards smoother than I was able to get them. The first thing I put together was the stairs. Less of the pieces had to be sanded, so it was a great change of pace for me. This was also a step that didn't require more than one set of hands. I was also able to get the platform built mostly on my own. The head and foot boards were a bit tricky because of their size, but I managed to put them together by myself.
stairs and headboard
bottom of the platform and the footboard.

bed rail
To make sure we didn't fall into a lull, I started taking pieces up to Eden's room. Once they were painted, there was no reason to keep them in the garage. Cleanup was easier after the pieces were out of the way.
Now that all the pieces were upstairs we started assembly of the bed. It was more frustrating than it should have been, but we got through it.

Once the bed was completely put together I moved things around in Eden's room. Just a bit. I moved her books out of her closet, and her chalkboard desk out from under her light switch. I moved it all under the bed and platform to encourage a reading nook in her room.

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