Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year's Eve

This year to ring in the new year we kept things low key and fun. We went to a friends house, let the kids run loose, and the adults played games - Apples to Apples and Taboo. So much fun! I've always wanted our kids to be big enough to "celebrate" New Year's Eve with us, and I was excited to have fun with them this year. 

Each hour brought on a new activity. The activities were inside a balloon, so the kids got to pop the balloons on the hour to find out what they got to do that hour. 

At 6:00 the kids got to "paint" with shaving cream! I took our cookie sheets to our friend's house, so most of it {for a little while} was on the cookie sheets. The kids loved this! It also turned out to be a great lead-in to getting them into their pjs!

At 7:00 the kids got to play balloon volley ball in the hall way. They had fun trying to keep the balloon off the ground. For the little kids I turned it into a bit of a listening game too. I had them hit the balloon, but only if I said their name first. Hunter wasn't interested. He's hated balloons ever since he popped one in the car one day.

At 8:00 the kids got to have a dance party. They loved being able to get crazy! This was our last balloon, because living on the west coast, we let the kids celebrate with juice at 9:00 {East Coast NYE for the kids!!!}

Hunter did wake back up at midnight and wanted more juice. I'm not sure that he was really awake, but he got to toast with us one more time. At midnight Eden and Lane were cuddled up on the couch - she just barely missed midnight! - and Hunter was still trying to be awake. I couldn't believe that the adults made it to see the ball drop! I was proud of us for staying up. But then again, Apples to Apples and Taboo are great fun.

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