Wednesday, January 15, 2014

24 Hours

Lane went on the road early last week and some friends {who are also husband-less} decided we should trade dinner duties while it was just us and the kids. Last Wednesday night we went to a friends house for a delicious dinner. Thursday morning she called us and let us know that she and her younger son had a stomach bug. Friday was a good day for us. Saturday I went for a long run and had a bit of a belly ache that afternoon. I thought it was just because I had some energy boosters during my run.

Fast forward to Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1:30…Hunter started waking up and was just fussy. I went in to check on him and he was laying in vomit. Again at 3:00, more vomit. After stripping his bed for the second time in the middle of the night I set him up in my bed. That way I didn't have to get up, and I didn't have to change his sheets again - I didn't have any other sheets for his bed!
Hunter threw up twice more before 5:30. Life was miserable and I think between 1:30 and 6:00 {when I finally gave up and got up for the day} I only slept for an hour total. The final straw was when he insisted on sitting at the foot of my bed and barfed on my comforter. That meant that I had my king size comforter and sheets, 2 sets of twin sheets, Hunter's comforter, plus all of the pillows involved to wash.
Since everything had to be washed on the sanitary cycle and was taking 2 hours to wash, plus dry time, I got to work. I gave Hunter a banana and some pedialite and propped him up in a chair to watch tv.
Once Eden woke up, I told her that the chair was the "germ chair" and that I didn't want her in it. We turned on a movie and watched something to keep the kids occupied. I should have known that something was up with Eden because she didn't want to eat her cereal that morning. I didn't want my coffee…please! I don't ever not want my coffee!

Eventually Hunter fell asleep as the movie ended. Eden snuggled her way into the "germ chair" but I couldn't resist.
I took Hunter up to his room so he could hopefully get some peaceful sleep to make up for his rough morning. Eden sat at the table and played with her rubber stamps while I sat in the "germ chair" and wondered how much longer the day was going to last. One time that I was quickly walking to the bathroom Eden announced that she needed the bucket, so I tossed her the bucket on my way to the bathroom. Talk about a terrible mom feeling! When she finally got sick I couldn't even be there for her. And even after I was done and I came out to check on her, it had to be in passing because Hunter was upstairs screaming.
Luckily, the vomit was over by dinner time. The entire day, the kids and I combined only finished a sleeve of saltine crackers and half a jug of pedialyte. I was so excited to see bedtime come! Monday we made sure to stay clear of other people, but we had to get out of the house. We headed out to go for a flat hike/walk.
I was so thankful to have great friends who helped take care of us on Sunday! People were constantly checking in on us to make sure we were ok. Someone brought us pedialyte, crackers, and clorox wipes and another friend brought us more crackers, ginger ale, bananas, and each of the kids a toy car to help distract them from feeling so crummy! Without having another adult here to help out it was nice to have  some support. Oh. My. Goodness! I am SO glad Sunday has come and gone, it was a terrible 24 hours for us!

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