Sunday, January 26, 2014

Motherhood Is…{2}

I am getting so bad about keeping this updated! I find myself having less time now that my kids demand less time of me. I thought it would be opposite. The only reason I'm getting time right now is that I'm at the Apple store getting my phone fixed {I dropped it and shattered the screen last night…sad day!} and they have wireless AND iPads to keep my kids entertained. Don't worry, I included that in the group of pictures on here today.

This week we were excited to know that Daddy would be home on Monday because of the MLK weekend, but then got lucky - sort of - that he got to be home Tuesday too! I say sort of because he was at the ER getting fluids and zofran for nausea/vomiting every half hour on Sunday night. When he let work know, they recommended that he not come to work on Tuesday in hopes of keeping the spread of "The Daigle Disease" at bay. So, on Tuesday we were able to get out and get some fresh air and have a picnic for lunch. The kids were excited to show Daddy some of the treasures we've found in the past when we were geocaching together.

We also had the opportunity this week to go to an indoor play place with the playgroup that we attend with Lane's squadron. Last week we had dinner at the food trucks, so Eden was excited to see a play food truck when we walked in. She and Hunter played in the food truck for a long time. She also guided him through a big tube play structure when he got scared. She's a great big sister when she wants to be!

The picture of the 2 kids together on the stairs and Eden looking sad is because I finally got tired of them yelling and screaming at each other. It was a lot of, "Hunter's touching me!" "Mine" "Don't touch that!" happening all at once. From me they were hearing a lot of, "No, that's not yours. You have to share" "Hunter, get off of your sister" "Stop touching that" "Stop screaming" and I was getting nowhere. I finally had enough and I had them sit on the stairs together. Their timer didn't start until they were holding hands. I just wanted them to sit quietly and show each other some compassion.

I'm happy to look back ob this week's pictures to see that it was a week filled with more happy/smiling moments compared to sad and unhappy moments.

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