Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holidays are Here!

This week is the week of Thanksgiving and I'm not going to lie - I'm already getting a head start on Christmas decorating and crafting with the kids. Some of our crafts can't be shown yet because they're going to double as Christmas gifts for grandparents and other extended family.

Since Thanksgiving is first and I just can't overlook it completely I made shirts for the kids to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. I've tried my hand at different things, but this is by far what I'm most proud of to date! It didn't take a whole lot of time - probably 3 hours total, beginning to end {cutting the fabric to completion} - and they turned out kind of cute.
The kids and I are trying our best to get into the holiday spirit. It isn't taking much effort, so that's a plus! My favorite craft that the kids and I have worked on {that I can share now} is their Christmas list.
Eden had circled things in a Target catalog recently, so I cut them out and the kids and I made their Christmas list. After we glued the items on the card stock I broke out the white paint and let the kids paint "snow" on the paper. We included a hand print on the paper that I turned into snowmen {like an ornament I made last year with the kids} and I now use the lists as a visual to remind the kids to behave. If they're getting out of control they get a warning that the list will come down. If the list is down, Santa knows not to bring anything for them. Eden has had her list taken down at least twice and they've only been up for a week…she's just got too much energy!

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