Thursday, November 14, 2013


Today the kids and I got to go to a playgroup with some friends from Lane's squadron. We went to a local indoor play place where they do organized activities with the kids throughout the day and my kids love it! My favorite activity that they do is they gather the kids, tell them that they're spies and that they have to sneak everything back into place before a song is over. The song is always the Mission Impossible song, and the kids fall for it every time! The entire place gets cleaned up in record time and the "spies" do all the work while having fun.

Today one of the special activities that they did was to have firefighters come hang out with the kids for a bit. I never realized the importance of this kind of thing until one of the other moms explained why the firemen visit the schools. The firemen came in, talked to the kids, and then put on all their gear that they would wear if they were coming into a burning house/building. To a kid, the full gear could be scary! The firemen are covered head to toe and talking through a mask. The only thing you can see on them is their eyes. It could be scary. The mom that explained this to me told me that sometimes when kids will hide from firemen which obviously makes it hard for the firemen to find, and even save, these kids. After hearing that I was super excited that the kids were able to see the not-so-scary fireman {in his regular, every day uniform} put on his full gear while explaining what each piece was for.
The coolest part for the kids was getting to hang out with the firetruck. They learned that we got to see the fire engine, not the fire truck. The truck has the big ladders, the engine carries more of the "stuff" that is needed on site at the emergencies.

After seeing all of the secret compartments of the fire engine, the kids were allowed the opportunity to spray the hose!

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