Monday, November 11, 2013


The night before Lane came home no one in the house got much sleep. I knew we wouldn't when I saw how excited Eden was when she took down the last chain. She insisted on calling Daddy to tell him the chain came down. I woke up at 1am and couldn't go back to sleep. I watched a show and fell back asleep only to wake up at 5:00 for the day. I couldn't take the excitement anymore!!!!!

Once we got to the squadron we had just a bit more of sit and wait.
Bethany Sheets, myself, Kalee Hopson, Anna Palmer {she's the one I run with who had a baby mid-September}, Karin Barnes, and Robyn Torbenson
{photo taken by Jessica}

I had a photographer there with us {she did our predeployment pictures and the kids' Christmas pictures this year} so she captured some awesome pictures of us while we waited. I've only had a chance to check out some of our sneak peeks that she's put on Facebook {which is why the quality of these pictures isn't the best}.

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