Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 Words of 2010

As 2010 is coming to and end I thought I'd add a little something different to the blog. A friend of ours found a new application on facebook that compiles all of the statuses/updates that you put on facebook and figure out what your "Top 10 Words of 2010" are. It was very interesting to see, and I was happy that Lane and I both seemed to have a positive vibe to our lists.

1. Eden
2. Baby
3. Lane
4. She's
5. Night
6. Sleep
7. Know
8. Tonight
9. Don't
10. Morning

What people had to say:
~ I could have told you that!! hope ya'll are doing great :)
~ Yeah... that's about right, the baby does get at least twice as much attention as I do. (This was Lane's comment!)

1. Again
2. Tigers
3. Geaux
4. Game
5. Night
6. Keep
7. Thank
8. API
9. Weekend
10. Can't

What people had to say:
~ Don't complain that you didn't top my status words...I didn't even make it into your top 10! Not to mention, the number 10 word was only used 4, oh man, I see where I rank against football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This was my response to his words after seeing his comment on mine)
~ How dare 'cant' made the list!

Here's hoping for another positive year in 2011!

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