Thursday, December 2, 2010

Georgia and all it has to offer!

Because we did SO much while we were in Georgia for Thanksgiving, I'm just going to do a few notes to accompany the pictures from the visit because the pictures tell a better story than I ever could!

The first Thanksgiving meal we had was at my parents house. There were A LOT of people there! I'm not even going to try to name everyone that was in attendance, because I know I would leave someone out. Eden ate turkey, green beans, and stuffing (along with her baby food that I had made for her) for lunch on Thanksgiving day.

After the Travis family Thanksgiving, we headed over to the Daigle family Thanksgiving for dinner. Eden was just about in a food coma so we let her sleep while we ate for this meal! She enjoyed getting to play with her cousins before she went down for her nap though.
After her nap it was time for Christmas with the Daigle family. Because Ryan and his family, and Angela and her family were "home" for Thanksgiving and they won't be able to be there on Christmas, we had our Christmas celebration on Thanksgiving! We let the kids open presents and then when the kids went to bed, the adults got to open presents. The adults, this year, decided on a "Lotto Christmas" where we each got a gift for one other person (decided by a drawing) and there was a $10 limit and the gift had to be associated with the lottery. It was a lot of fun, and most people won at least another ticket, however, Lane's dad won $100!!!

The morning after Thanksgiving came and all the kids had worn Christmas pjs to bed because we were going to go looking at Christmas lights that evening so we took some pictures of the cousins in front of the Christmas tree - well, we tried to. Eden wouldn't sit still and she was in a different place in all the pictures we tried to take.

After breakfast, and when we were all able to get ourselves ready and put together we left for Callaway Gardens. Before we went anywhere, we were all starving and decided to have a picnic - in the rain, in our cars! Angela made delicious left over turkey sandwiches for everyone.

We went to the butterfly garden, Santa's village, and then to their Fantasy Night of Lights. While we were at Santa's village Eden had her picture taken with Santa and Rudolph. She did so well and actually enjoyed sitting with each of them! I was excited that she let them hold her without having any reservations because we were able to get some good pictures. We rode the Jolly Trolly through the lights and it was beautiful. I was able to get a few pictures, but it was hard to get a lot of good ones. Eden loved being bundled up, and I think Lane and I enjoyed it even more because she's not big on cuddling all the time, and she just snuggled right up and let us cuddle with her!

 After our Magical Nights of Lights we went back home and Lane, Eden and I went to my parents house so we could have Christmas morning with my sister and her family on Saturday.
At our Christmas celebration all of the grandchildren (and us big kids too) got tickets to go to Medieval Times, which is a dinner and a show type of place. When dinner was served we were to use our hands to eat - no silverware! The show that is put on is a Knight in shining armor show with jousting and other tournament games. When we got there we were assigned to the Yellow Knight.

After the show the Knights, Prince, Princess, and King came out and took pictures with everyone and signed autographs. The kids thought that was one of the most awesome things that had ever happened! Mimi and Pop did a good job stuffing those stockings!
After the pictures with the stars of the show, Lane and I tried to get a family picture that we could use for a Christmas card. Needless to say, it wasn't the easiest thing we've ever done, but we managed!

All in all, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving/Christmas with our families. We did A LOT in just a couple of days, but in the end it was totally worth cramming it all in! Eden loved being with all of her cousins and Lane and I enjoyed seeing the happieness on her face while getting to enjoy time with family. I can't wait until the next time!

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