Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Time

As we enter this season of joy, I am once again reminded of the importance of family. Many people know that in 1983, my parents lost a son due to a freak accident. Alan and a friend were cutting down a tree in the back yard and as it fell, they each ran different directions. Alan unknowingly ran in the same direction as the tree and was unable to out-run the tree. As a result of this accident, Alan was on life support, and my parents had to make the decision that NO parent should EVER have to make. In January of 1983, my parents lost a child, and will forever have a small amount of heartbreak over this loss.
Mom at the cemetery January 15, 2010 with Alan's new flowers
With all that being said, the other day I got an email from my mom that had the happiest tone to it, and I just had to share it with everyone:
"I wanted to share with you the early Christmas present I received during the night. It was a very simple but awesome gift. It was 2 words... Hey, Mama!
It was distinctively Alan's voice. I know it was him because he is the only one who called me that.
I don't dream of him as often as I would like or even used to. I woke up smiling.
I tell you all this to remind us that the best gifts in our lives don't always come as pretty packages. Rather, they are most likely with us all the time but sometimes appear unexpectedly.
Love to you all"
As my mom learned that all of the recipients (she sent this to me, my dad, my aunt, my sister, and my brother) of the email cried while reading it, she told me that her intent was not to make others cry, but to make them smile and make them happy! I quickly told her that through the tears that we all had, we were smiling even bigger! The tears that we had were tears of joy. The thought that my mom was able to hear her first born child again, was both peaceful and joyful.
Though I have never lost a child, I now know the love a mother (or a father for that matter) has for a child and I cannot imagine that child being taken away from me. By being able to hear his voice again for my mom was the perfect gift. Dreams are the only place that she can be with him again, and she was able to receive that gift this week. I know Alan looks down on us as an Angel of God, and I know that one day I, too, will meet my brother, but until then I pray for peace in my parents' hearts and hope for those sweet dreams for them.
As this Christmas season is upon us, enjoy the time that you have with your families and remember the Reason for the Season together. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in order for you and I to be able to have eternity with those that we love. Keep Jesus as the center of your celebrations with your families and don't lose sight of Him.
Merry Christmas!

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