Thursday, December 9, 2010


This morning Eden and I were having a blast playing her her little playing area that we've set up in the office. She was full of smiles and talking up a storm! She was loving every minute of it and, therefore, so was I. In the middle of playing I laid on the floor to play with her and she started attacking me with her awesome kisses!

I think she's now entering a new phase - giving KISSES! Haha, there is a VERY small part of me that wishes they were not as slimy as they are, but mostly, I think they're perfect! She comes at me with an open-mouth-smile and then, ~*MUAH!*~ she plants one right where she wants to, elbow, chin, mouth, eye, or nose! They are so much fun and she and I just laughed and giggled for the rest of the morning as we gave each other kisses.

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