Monday, December 6, 2010

9 Month Well Baby

Today Eden had her 9 month well baby appointment. Everything looked good and she performed well for the doctor. When she was first weighed she was only 14.14lbs and the doctor wasn't thrilled with that number, so we had her re-weighed. When they did it again, she was 15 lbs. Even though this isn't that much different, he was a little happier with this number. She does have to go back in a month to get weighed again and he said he wants to make sure she's gained a couple ounces. It shouldn't be a problem, because we've yet to find a food that she doesn't like and she eats ALL the time! She was 26.5 inches long and looking healthy other than the lower weight.

The doctor was very pleased with her progress and with the milestones that she's met. She stood on the table - while holding my hands - for him, smiled at him, rolled around for him, and even sat still - kind of - for him to look in her eyes, ears, and nose. All in all he liked what he saw and said that if he hadn't seen the number from the scale and had only seen her, he wouldn't have wanted her to come back for a re-weigh because she's doing so well.  When we go back in a month, she will have the second part of her flu shot too, so it all works out in the end.

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