Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dream a Dream

*We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers.*
Woodrow T. Wilson

Today marks a big day for the Daigle family! Lane submitted his "dream sheet" for his aircraft selection. His selection is supposed to happen next Thursday (my birthday!) and we will officially know where we're going next, or if we're staying here in Pace. I have been mentally prepared to stay put through advanced training because Lane has always wanted helos, but luck would have it that Lane has changed his mind!

You heard right, Lane changed his mind, and submitted his dream sheet with C-130s listed as his first choice. Now, that being said - it could change everything, yet, it could change nothing. C-130s aren't always easy to come by when it comes to selections. Lane has to have the grades (he's been told that he does) AND the Marine Corps has to have the need for more C-130 pilots. Ultimately, if the Marines don't need anymore C-130 pilots, they're not going to have a C-130 spot to give up no matter what grades look like.

So, what does this mean? It means that there's a chance we'll be moving. Yes, moving! I'm anxious about it because we don't know when or if we will actually move. If Lane doesn't get his first choice, we'll be back to helos (and Lane will still be happy, so no worries there!), which means staying put. So, you can see the predicament that I'm in - I can't start packing things up because we might stay, but I don't want to leave everything up and unpacked because we could be moving, and if we are moving...WHEN?! Oh man, the unknowns of the military life can be stressful sometimes!

I should also mention that in order for Lane to make it to selection next week, he's leaving for San Diego tomorrow for a cross country flight. By doing a cross country flight, he's able to knock out the remaining flights he has in primary and will be complete when he returns home on Monday! Because he'll be gone for a few days, and we're so close to Atlanta (about 5 hours), and we may be even farther from Atlanta in a month, Eden and I are going to see our extended family in GA this weekend. My mom is the only one out of the loop about us coming to town (and possibly moving) as of right now. When I told her today that Lane was going to San Diego, she begged me to bring Eden up there to spend the weekend with them. I told her I have too much stuff going on here to be able to get out and not be at home - which is true, but I'm not too worried about it! I can't wait to see her face when we get there!!!!!

On a totally different note, Eden went in for a re-weigh today and the doctor was 100% happy with her growth. She weighed 16 lbs 7 oz and was 26.5 in long! She gained a pound in a month! I told the doctor it's because I'm on weight watchers and so I give her the high point foods! I was only half way kidding when I told him that. If I were to eat a quarter of an avacado, that would be 3 of my 29 daily points because of the fat (it's good fat though), and Eden will eat a WHOLE avacado during or right after most meals. She also loves bananas, which are high calorie foods, and will eat a whole banana in one sitting.

I also talked to the doctor about the possible upcoming move and he said that if we change duty stations around her birthday, that I could treat this visit as Eden's 12 month well baby visit. If we're still in Pensacola I will take her for another well baby and get her shots, but if we're in Texas (yes, that's where we will go if we move) then I will just take her in for her shots and then set up a 15 month well baby visit with her new doctor.

Wow, that's a lot to happen in one day...and a lot of anxiety in the coming week! I'll be sure to stay up to date here so everyone is updated!!!!!

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