Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Party Fun

Today we had the honor of attending a birthday party for one of Eden's friends. Nelson turned 1 yesterday and his party was this afternoon. Man, did Eden (and all the other kids) have a good time! They had a bounce house, LOTS of food and candy, cupcakes, balloons, and of course some toys to keep the little ones entertained! Whitney did an awesome job with the party, and I'm stealing some of her ideas for Eden's party! Be prepared to see some similarities in some of the pictures of Nelson's and Eden's birthday parties.
The cutest 1st Birthday idea ever! A picture of Nelson from every month of his first year of life. (I've already made my month labels, I've added the pictures online so I can order the prints, and I'm getting my clothes pins from Whitney! I can't wait to have Eden's done.)

Eden and Nelson, the birthday boy, sharing a toy.
Did I mention that Nelson was Eden's first kiss?! When we visited Gymboree Play and Music in November, Nelson was a current student and he and Eden got along really well. They loved to sit and laugh at each other. Of course they liked to grab at each other's faces (because who wouldn't think that was fun?!) and one time when Nelson was going in for the face grab, he gave Eden a kiss instead. Little Miss didn't back away from the kiss - we'll have to teach her about playing hard to get later - and she seemed to love every minute of it. 

A Picture A Day:
January 30 - Lane and I did an at home workout together. Cardio X from the P90X workout DVDs was the pick of the day.
January 31 - We had meatloaf that had carrots in it for dinner and Eden dropped 2 carrots that stuck to her in the most hilarious places! It was too perfect!!!
January 31 - I went to a friends house to learn how to sew (I've never used a sewing machine before this day) and she helped me make some pillows. Thanks Heather!
February 1 - the Happy Birthday Eden sign that I made for Eden's birthday party.
February 2 - Eden got to feed herself applesauce at lunch today. She did a good job holding the spoon...and trying to eat the applesauce like it was a finger food.
February 2 - She was really good at putting the spoon in her mouth when she actually did decide to use it.
February 2 - But then she decided the spoon wasn't effective enough, so she thought drinking it (and licking the bowl) was a better idea in the end. She's her father's daughter!
February 3 - She got tired from all that crawling, so she stopped for a water break...and layed down on the floor in the kitchen.
February 4 - Dinner for a Weight Watchers champ! Pork chops, asparagus, and 2, yes 2, croissants! I saved enough points to be able to eat 2!!!!!
February 5 - Eden discovered that she loves balloons today at Nelson's birthday party. She didn't even get scared when some of them popped.
February 5 - Eden in the bounce house. She loved it. She waved her arms up and down in hopes that it would bounce her. I guess we need to start working on jumping soon.

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