Monday, November 1, 2010

You Scared Me!

Mommy as Flo from Progressive, Eden as a Duck, and Daddy as a Redneck/Hunter/Milton-ite (use your imagination!)

This Halloween has come and gone! It was a lot of fun, and actually twice the fun because it fell on a Sunday this year. People inside the city limits of Milton did their trick-or-treating on Saturday and everywhere else in the county did trick-or-treating on Sunday. Lucky for us, we have friends in Milton, and we live outside the city limits, so we got to hand out candy both nights!

On Saturday night we went over to a friends house to help with candy. This was the only house we went trick-or-treating at because there was no need for Eden to get any candy, and let's face it, she didn't really know what was going on! She did like to sit and watch the people coming up to the house for candy though.

Last night people came to our house to help with handing out candy and we had lots of trick-or-treaters. We ended up having to turn the lights out before they were done. We were able to give candy to most of the kids, but there were the select few who were probably bummed to see the lights go out. One kid who came to the door last night rang the doorbell over and over and over again until we opened the door for him. When we got to the door and opened it, he responded with "Oh my goodness, you scared me!" and Kyle, our friend who greeted him (without a scary costume, just his regular clothes) said to him "you had to know someone was coming!" Inside the house, we all started lauging because Kyle was so serious with his response.

At each of the parties we had delicious food. Allie made lasagna with her grandmother's spaghetti sause and it was delicious. The desserts were awesome and very "Halloween-y." We had Oreo "eye" Balls, Spider cupcakes, a pumpkin roll, and pumpkin spice pudding. The treats for us were very tasty!

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