Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel

This past weekend we, as a WHOLE family, had the chance to travel to North Carolina to go to a friend's wedding. Jeremy was a friend that we met when Lane was stationed at Quantico, VA for TBS. We had a few great friends when we lived up there and Jeremy was one of them. He did get lucky and he started TBS before Lane did and so he up and left us to move to North Carolina. We have been able to talk to him, but we haven't had the chance to see him until this past weekend when we were able to celebrate his marriage to a beautiful lady, Shannon. Jeremy asked Lane to be a part of his Sabre Arch at the end of the ceremony to help welcome Shannon to the Marine Corps.

Lane, General Amos (Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps then, and now Commandant of the Marine Corps), and Jeremy at the 233rd Birthday Ball in Richmond, VA in 2008
Jeremy with the Marines

The Marines during the ceremony
 On our way up to North Carolina we had to drive through Georgia, so we made a pit stop for a few days and we were able to see family. When we stopped in Georgia Eden was able to go to The Little Gym of Snellville and be a part of the Bugs class. She had a lot of fun and really enjoyed having time with other kids her age. It was cool for me to be there because I didn't realize how much I miss being at TLG as an instructor. I knew I missed all the families that I met, but I didn't know that I missed being in the gym and being so active and silly every day - and get paid to do it!

"Oh, everyone please shake your bells and sing along with me..."

Shoulder stretching with Daddy

Balance Beam with Mommy

Standing pretty (the little girl beside Eden was 10 months old)

She climbed once and from then on she's been a pro!

Hanging on the high bar

Forward Roll on the balance beam. She had NO fear!

Hula Hoop Walking - or eating - or both!

The wedding was absolutely spectacular. It was up in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and all the leaves were changing colors and the views all around us, every where we went, were great. Can you tell we don't have any trees changing colors down here in Florida?! All we get are palms that stay green all the time!

We wish Jeremy and Shannon all the happiness in the world as they start this new chapter of their lives together.

Shannon entering the church with her Dad.

Shannon with the Marines.

Jeremy and Shannon dancing their first dance as husband and wife.

Shannon and her Dad - they danced to the same song my Dad and I danced to, "I loved her first," and he teared up and therefore I did too. I will always be a Daddy's Girl!

Jeremy and his Mom.

It was a blast to be able to travel and visit people and have Lane with us. Eden and I had a blast bringing him along and teaching him the ropes of traveling! Next up: Atlanta again for Thanksgiving (and Christmas too!) We will be celebrating Christmas with Lane's siblings and Tommie, as well as with my sister because they will all be in town for Thanksgiving, but not for Christmas. The good news about celebrating Christmas so early is that we already have Christmas shopping DONE - well, almost - and it isn't even Thanksgiving.

I can't wait to be home next week because we will be going to Callaway Gardens with Lane's family and we will be going to Medieval Times with my family. Eden is going to be worn out, but it will be worth it and we will have lots to be excited about!

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