Friday, November 19, 2010


So, tonight we had a first in our home...Eden took her first "real" spill. I brought home a toy that I got at a consignment sale tonight and put it on the floor for Eden to play with. It is a walking toy because she is so badly wanting to walk. Well, she doesn't have great balance yet, and therefore she started to topple backwards, but she thought she could hold on to the toy to keep from falling over - this works with MOST objects that she holds on to. Not this one! She toppled back and fell flat on her back bumping her head and bringing the toy with her and hit her mouth with it. For the first time in Eden's life, she had an accident that caused her to bleed.

I don't write about this because I'm worried about her or because I think there's something wrong with her. We gave her a cold teether for her mouth and then let her take her bath before going to bed. I simply wanted to note what her "first" fall was. We'll just have to work on that balance and get to walking sooner than later so we can avoid these falling episodes - maybe.

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