Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fripp for Labor Day

Well, I used to think that getting on the computer to update the blog was hard BEFORE Eden was born, and now I am MONTHS behind on updating!

After Eden and I got home from Mississippi, we were here for about another week before packing up and leaving again (you'll quickly find that this is a theme of this post). This time we'd be leaving for Atlanta and Fripp Island for our family reunion - again without Lane because he needed to stay put for flight school. I chose to drive to Atlanta to be there for a few days because it was a shorter drive to be by myself with Eden than if we drove over to Fripp by ourselves. We stayed at my parents house and were able to have Lane's parents over for dinner one night before we left for the beach. That was nice to have everyone in the same place and not having to drive back and forth between the homes.

Mimi, Pop, myself, and Eden got all packed up and ready to go and we headed off to Fripp on Wednesday morning before Labor Day in order to grocery shop and prep the house for everyone else to come in later that weekend. It was nice to get down there and just hang out and get the lay of the land before the rest of the family got there. Eden was able to go on her very first golf cart ride the night we got there - which is a MAJOR Fripp milestone!

After we were all settled in, we took Eden to the pool the next morning. She LOVED the water and it was lots of fun to watch her enjoy something new!

The next morning Karen and her family and Parker all arrived to Fripp and the real party was ready to get started! Eden made her Fripp Beach Debut and it went very well!

Each day when it was time for Eden's afternoon nap, her Mimi ever so graciously took her back to the house, which allowed me to have afternoons with the rest of the family. I got go be a kid again! We usually had fun at the pool (I tried teaching Noah and Alyssa how to touch the bottom of the 10ft pool and I taught Becca how to do a back dive off the edge of the pool). We had tons of fun and looking back at pictures makes me miss everyone!

One afternoon we had a Bocce Ball tournament and we all had TONS of fun playing this beach-side before rinsing/goofing off at the pool.

To celebrate both Parker's and Noah's birthdays we went to the Upper Crust (always a Fripp Island must) to have pizza and we made and decorated Red Velvet cakes for the boys. While at dinner, Parker challenged Noah to a cake eating contest that turned into having teams with each player having a piece of cake and having to eat it with no hands! Parker's team did win, but with a cheater amongst them! Pop used his hands to hold the plate on the table! I only bring this up because there is picture proof of it! It was a blast and we can all thank Parker for the cake challenge!


There were many themes to the family vacation this year, and one of them was Toy Story. Each person got dressed up like a Toy Story character and we watched the 2 movies that have been released to DVD while we were at Fripp. Mimi and Pop supplied everyone with Popcorn boxes and movie theater candy! It was a blast. Here is a list of your Toy Story cast:

Mimi and Pop as Mrs. and Mr. Potato Head:

Noah and McKenna as Woody and Jessie:

Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren as the Aliens:

Parker, Karen, Brittany, and Todd as the Plastic Army People:

Not pictured: Eden as the Baby Sister from Toy Story 1

Of course the other theme of the trip was our "Color" which was "tangerine" this year. We all got our shirts and towels again this year in order to take our family picture (minus Lane).

To end the Fripp Tripp Eden made her very own "step" to go in Mimi and Pop's rosemary garden. The Rosemary Garden has a step that each of the grandchildren made with their hand print or footprint and the Rosemary is planted in memory of Alan - my mom's son who passed away at the young age of 12. The whole garden is a very special place for the whole family!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post - packing up and heading out had become somewhat of a habit for Eden and I. This update took much longer than expected, so, in the VERY near future I promise to update about our most recent trip to Chicago and Iowa to visit the Daigle/Timpe side of the family for a "Timpe Wedding" with all the right stuff (Redeye and dancing included)!

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