Monday, October 11, 2010

Chicago and Iowa

After coming home from Fripp Island and Georgia, Eden and I were able to spend some time at home with Daddy! It was great being home for a little while before heading out again. This time Eden and I were headed to Chicago to spend some time with Angela, David, and Mack before heading over to Iowa for an entertaining and beautiful Timpe wedding.

Eden and I flew from Pensacola to Charlotte and then from Charlotte to Chicago. These are pictures of Eden at the Charlotte airport waiting to fly to Chicago.

After landing in Chicago Aunt Angela and Princess Mack took us back to their house to hang out for a few days before we left for Iowa. While we were at their house Eden fell in love with her cousin Mack and her aunt and uncle. These are some of the pictures that we were able to capture of Eden's first bonfire! We roasted marshmallows, made smores, and even danced...A LOT. We were practicing for the upcoming wedding! Mackenzie showed us how to do the YMCA, the Chicken Dance, and even sang "Ceeeeeelabrate good times, COME ON!" for us.

The morning after the bonfire started the real fun! The 5+ hour drive with the 5 of us to get to Iowa. Once we were in Iowa we got to celebrate Mack's 3rd birthday! She had fun and loved being pampered with gifts. One of the awesome gifts that Mack got was that the family started rollin' in! Her cousins Skylar and Bentley arrived with Grandma, Grandpa, and Stephanie! It was awesome to be able to see them. I haven't seen Stephanie and Skylar since before Bentley was born. This was the first time Angela, David, Mack, and me and Eden had the opportunity to meet Bentley!

Mack in her "party skirt"

Singing to herself with M&Ms as her microphone with her awesome new "party skirt"

The next day was the day we had all been waiting for. Justin and Myra stood in front of everyone in a church in Boone, Iowa and vowed to love each other forever! Angela sang at the wedding and when she finished her song Mack said "Wow, good job Mommy!" for all to hear. It was quite possibly one of the cutest things I've heard. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was TONS of fun - but nothing less was expected from a Timpe wedding! It was great for Eden to be able to see Lane's family that had not had the opportunity to meet her yet. She had come down with a cold and she was cutting teeth, but when there were people around she put on a great show and was very happy to be with family!

After a wonderful trip to Iowa, we were all ready to get home. Mostly in order to get the 5 of us - me, Eden, Mack, Angela, and David - out of the small hotel room that Angela, David, and Mack were gracious enough to share with us! It wasn't much fun to bunk up with a sick and grumpy baby for 3 nights! And let's face it, it wasn't fair to ask Mack to keep it down when Eden needed to sleep! She was a good sport about it though. Back in Chicago we got to go out to eat for some sushi and some icecream. It was a fabulous night and a great way to unwind before loading back up onto the plane to come home to see Daddy!

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