Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mississippi Fun

Monday Eden and I went to Mississippi for the night to visit my sister, Karen, and her family. Lane had to sit duty overnight for work, so I figured she and I could go up to see them because it is a relatively short drive for us. When we got there we surprised Alyssa who had no idea that we were coming! I think we also surprised Eden, because she cried when she saw so many "new" faces, but she quickly got over it and enjoyed the visit with them.

On Monday night after dinner we went to Gigi's Cupcakes and Berry Berry Good for dessert. Both were fantastic, but the cupcakes were by far my favorite! The icing on top of the cupcakes was spectacular and it was possibly the most icing I've ever seen on a cupcake. Both places were located in an outdoor shopping center and there was a fountain that the kids were able to play in after we finished our desserts. Eden absolutely LOVED the fountain and therefore she and I both ended up soaking wet! Lucky for her, she's young enough that she could go in without her on the other hand, I had to ride home in my soaking wet clothes. It was well worth it for sure.

On Tuesday morning before heading home to see Daddy, we went to the pool. Again, Eden loved the water, and this time I was prepared and wearing a bathing suit! Next week when we go to Fripp and have her float with us she will be able to hang out in the baby pool and enjoy the water even more!

Today Lane is flying his first flight of flight school (say that 5 times fast!) and I can't wait to report how that goes!

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