Saturday, August 14, 2010

We slept through the night!

This is how we found her yesterday after one of her naps - she was awake, but the flash made her close her eyes looking like she's still asleep.

So, since I seem to talk about sleep a lot - or lack of sleep - I figure I'd brag on the wonderful night we had last night. I am doing this with the full expectation of ruining ANY chances of re-capturing it in all of its glory ever again!

Last night Eden got tired about 30 minutes earlier than normal which wasn't surprising because she missed her morning nap because I had a doctor's appointment. She got 2 naps, but that just wasn't enough for her since she's got a schedule and she takes 3 naps a day now like clockwork! So, Lane gave her a bath at about 7:30 and then I fed her and put her down around 8-ish. She went down without a fuss and was obviously exhausted! She stirred at 11, but not even for a couple of minutes so I let her get back to sleep on her own - GO EDEN!!! Yay :) After that, I went to sleep around 11:30.

*This is where it gets good*

Lane had a flight this morning so we were awake early this morning...yes, we woke up this morning without being awake at all last night!!!! So, I went in to check on Eden around 6:30 and Lane followed me in there and I'm glad he did, because what I'm about to say is totally unbelievable, so I'm glad he saw it too. When we were in her room she started to stir, but rolled her face onto her paci. When she did that she reached up next to her ear to pick it up and put it in her mouth. When she put it in her mouth the first time it was completely backwards, so she kept turning it a little at a time and eventually got it in her mouth the right way and relaxed again. All of this paci business happened with her eyes closed and no frustration from her! She was so patient with it and I was so happy that she did it on her own without waking up.

Eden then woke up at 7:30 to eat, but then went back to sleep, as did I. When she was ready to wake up for the day she woke up at 10:30 this morning! I feel like a totally different woman from getting that much sleep!

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