Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday and 37 weeks all on one day!

So, this week has been exciting for us. Lane didn't have to go to work on Monday because it was President's Day so we got to spend an extra day together. Oh, and we did get flurries on Friday for about 30 minutes and we had Friday together too because the base was closed and Lane didn't have to go to work that day either!

Tuesday was another doctor's appointment for me. I was 36 weeks, 5 days at this appointment. The doctor did my first cervical exam and the results weren't exactly what we wanted to hear. He said that I'm 0cm dilated, but 25% effaced which is good because there is some action going on, but I thought I would have SOME dilation. I know that this doesn't mean anything with the timing of her arrival, but the more I dilate early, the less I have to go through as I'm in labor! As he was listening to hear heart rate it increased and he said this was a good sign because she had just moved and he would expect her heart rate to increase with movement. He listened to her heart a little longer to make sure that it decreased as she stopped moving and it did, so he was very happy about what he heard.

Wednesday was my birthday and it was relatively uneventful - which isn't bad at all! My parents arrived with Pat on Tuesday so they were here for my birthday and they had Eden's dresser in tow. We went to Hardee's for breakfast for my birthday because as a child Pat and Paul would take Parker and I almost EVERY Saturday and the Hardee's is closed that we used to go to. It was neat to be able to go with her for my birthday since we haven't done it in a while. We left Hardee's and went to Home Depot to get the hardware for the dresser and then came back home to get everything put together. Pat also got me a floor lamp for Eden's room for my birthday. It goes behind the rocking chair so that we don't have to have the overhead light on in the middle of the night. It was soon after we got home that Lane got home from work. As we just sat around for the rest of the day we prepared to go to dinner. Another family tradition is to go to Longhorn's, but the closest one to us is 35 miles away, so we went to Logan's so we could at least have a steak to stick to the tradition as well as we could. At dinner Lane gave me my gift of a heart necklace. He told me that he picked the heart so that I would always remember having Eden's heart beat inside of me while I was pregnant with her. It was really neat because I had actually just told someone how awesome it was to see her little heartbeat as a tiny flash when I was only 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant and only 4mm long! We have come a long way as a family and soon she'll be in our arms! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

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