Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow? In Florida? Supposedly - we'll see!

So, we moved to VA in 2008 and thought that we'd get a lot of snow. We might have gotten snow once. It flurried while we were there, but nothing really stuck and made it a fun snow. The one snow that was a good snow was last March 1 - we were having to fight to get OUT of VA down to FL for Grampie's funeral. There was snow on the ground the entire time we were in FL, enjoying the warm sunshine while we could.

Now that we've moved out of VA, they've had more snow than they've ever had. The amounts of snow that VA has now is more than I could handle, but still...they have snow! And they have fun amounts of snow!

Florida has proven to live up to not being what we expected weather-wise. The first week we got here it was about 42 most days around noon - at it's warmest time of the day! We have had a few days of nice weather, but we've also not been able to put our winter coats away - which we didn't expect to need to have at all down here in Florida. Now...we are having threats of SNOW! Are you kidding me?! The military bases have closed, there are TONS of schools closed...but have no fear, the Mardi Gras parades are still on all weekend. This is worse than living in GA where they close things for no reason!

Well, I'll keep you posted on our "snow" and if there's actually snow I'll make sure to post pictures for you :)

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  1. I hope you get a little snow! It's always fun to play in at least! :)