Tuesday, February 9, 2010

36 weeks TOMORROW! :)

I went to the doctor yesterday and again, things are looking good! He did the normal check of her heart rate (normal), my growth (normal), and my weight gain (normal). I was looking forward to having an exam done - I know call me weird - because I'm getting anxious about the arrival of our little one!

I did, however, get my Strep B test done and will probably get the results back next week when I go. He made sure to stress to me that this was not something that was bad or because of anything that I had done or not done during pregnancy. It is just a bacteria that some women carry and they will just give me an antibiotic during labor/delivery so that the medicine get into Eden's system and help her to fight off the bacteria as she enters our world.

The doctor again checked for her positioning and he had a smile on his face when he felt that she was in good position. Her head seems to be down - he didn't seem to have any doubt about it. Her butt is up in my left ribcage and so all the kicks, pokes, jabs, and stretches I feel in my right ribcage! Sometimes I can feel them all the way over above my right hip bone. When I feel those stretches I tell Lane that I think she's 3 feet long!

I go back to the doctor next week and hopefully will get that long anticipated exam so that I can update you on how I may or may not be progressing. Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep you updated.

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