Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weeks 38 and 39 appointments

Hey there Friends and Family...

Sorry to leave you hanging last week without an update from my appointment. It wasn't my most favorite appointment so I'll just hit the high points and leave out the details. When I got to the doctor's office my chart was still lost (it had been "lost" since the week before and hadn't been seen since the 8th of February) and so that stressed me out a little bit. On top of that, I was weighed and took note of the fact that I had gained 4 pounds in a week...on top of 5 pounds the previous week. I almost lost it - so then they took my blood pressure, which we can all assume was going to be higher than normal under the circumstances. It was, no fear, when taken manually everything was normal and the doctor wasn't worried about it. Eden and I both measured fine and I was 1cm, 25% effaced.

As the week went on I went to Bible Study that night and we talked about worry and how we should trust God with our worries. The lesson on worry was specific to physical health and let's just say that it was exactly what I needed a Bible Study to be on because of my appointment earlier that day! Still on Wednesday last week, my worries weren't completely gone and I had emotional break downs most of the day. I guess I felt as though Eden was going to live inside of me and grow up there forever! I knew this wouldn't be the case, but I couldn't help but feel as if this was the truth. Lane reassured me that night that it didn't matter what other pregnant women were going through, that was them and Eden and I are different from everyone else and we would do things the way that was right for us. Miraculously, I woke up on Thursday feeling like a TOTALLY different person and was smiling all day and full of energy! What a change!

The weekend went on uneventfully as did Monday. Today I went to the doctor again and had a pretty good visit. I really like my doctor and feel that he doesn't take any short cuts or treat me like I'm stupid. He always answers all of my questions without hesitation and with confidence. My blood pressure was high again when they took it on the automatic machine that they have, but the doctor wasn't worried about it and he said that he would take it again after we had a chance to just sit and talk that way I could relax a little bit. He re-took it and it was fine when he took it manually so I was much better at that point - no longer freaking out! We got to listen to Eden's heart rate again today and while he was listening she decided she was uncomfortable and she moved around a lot. It was funny because you could hear the swooshing and then you could hear her heart rate increase and get much louder! The doctor told us that she was excited about something! After we listened to her heart he measured my tummy and everything was right on. He then did my cervical exam and said that I was still only 1cm, but 50% effaced so I've made some progress - YAY!

My doctor will not be the doctor that I see next week becacuse his children are on spring break and he will be taking the week off in order to have some family time. I'm hoping that the doctor I see will be a good one - I've been reassured by my doctor that he is a great doctor and they were going to have a chat about what's going to take place at my next appointment. As I understand it I will have my appointment on Monday with the "different" doctor and he will sweep my membranes during my cervical exam and then he will set me up with a non-stress test the following Tuesday (not the next day, but the week after) in order to see if I need to be induced then or later. My "regular" doctor told me today that if everything goes according to plan, that we will probably induce me the end of that same week that I have my non-stress test.

Essentially, within the next 2 weeks we will have a baby! Keep your eyes and ears posted as we will keep everyone updated as new news arrives!

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