Sunday, March 9, 2014

Motherhood Is...{10}

Check out all these pictures! I guess I just couldn't help myself.
 Eden and Hunter have been getting along so well recently {when they're not fighting}. I loved looking at them at the end of the party to find them sitting together in the sand treasure. He loved watching her open her presents. He was so interested to see what was going on! While Mimi and Pop have been here they've taken full advantage of the extra attention and cuddles! The middle picture on the right is of the kids playing at the USO when we picked Mimi and Pop up from the airport. It was the coolest place ever! They had food and drinks and they had a family room with toys for the kids.
Eden and Hunter have been sleeping in Eden's room together while Mimi and Pop are here. Hunter is on the floor under Eden's bed and she's up on her bed {like usual}. I went to check on them at nap time one day and Hunter had climbed up to the top of the bed. After a lot of giggles and no napping I moved him down to his space - only to find Eden down there later. Our back yard is becoming more and more glorious. Parker and Sara sent them money and the kids got their lounge chairs. As you can tell from the picture of them blowing bubbles, they LOVE being outside! Blowing bubbles is one of their favorite activities. I had to recently get them a spill-proof bubble holder.

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