Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Eden

Dear Eden,

You are a sassy, yet kind-hearted, little girl. We often joke that you're 3 going on 16, but luckily for us you're only 4! Just this week when we were out to lunch you thought our waitress was "beautiful" and you wanted to tell her. You said that if you told her it would make her happy. I love knowing that you want to be kind to others and that you want to make other people feel good.

You love to dress up like a princess and you always accessorize accordingly. You can be found at the grocery store wearing a princess dress and a tiara. People often comment on your attire and you love it!

You try to be a mother to your brother and I find that I'm constantly telling you to let me be the mommy and you just worry about you. You try your best to take great care of Hunter. The 2 of you can be found playing together inside and outside. A lot of the time if you're playing a game outside you're playing "Mommy and Daddy" together. Sometimes you talk him into being the cat and he crawls around meowing while you are his mommy. Most of the time you enjoy including him in your games, but there are times that you play "Hunter Monster" with him. I'm convinced that you play that with him in order to get away from him, but he loves the game and feels included.

You started taking dance class this year and you love it! You are a star in class and you love the dance shows even more than the class. Ms. Jackie is good to you and you love having her as your teacher. Hunter loves her too because she gives you guys stickers after class.

You've almost given up naps completely. Mommy misses your naps! You still take a quiet time every day. If you get to have rest time instead of a nap you typically watch a movie on the couch. That way Mommy still gets a minute or 2 of quiet time. You'll nap every couple of days in order to keep from getting too grumpy.

At bed time you insist on hugs and kisses along with blowing a kiss and making sure I catch yours! This is one of my favorite things you do. It reminds me of your innocence that I hope you never lose.

Just remember, I told you that you're only allowed to have birthdays if you promise to always be my baby!

We love you Heaps, Scoops, and Gobs!

Mommy and Daddy

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