Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today Eden and I got to celebrate the love of our lives - her Daddy! We are blessed to have him in our lives as he's the one who takes care of us in the long run. He's always there to make sure we're safe, fed, and happy.

Eden and I started the day by waking up early to make Daddy's favorite muffins - honey bran muffins. We haven't found a store that carries the pre-packaged stuff, so we did the big kid thing and made them from scratch. I'd never done that before, so I was proud that they turned out yummy.

After breakfast and for the remainder of the day, Lane studied for his test that he has tomorrow. He has taken 2 tests and done some other physical stuff for grades in API and so far has a 97 average. It was a bummer to have to stay home all day to help him study, but we're willing to make those small sacrifices. Throughout the day when he would take study breaks he was able to spend time with us and we even had a chance to take some pictures! The one of Eden and Daddy doing tummy time together is my favorite so I'll be sure to share :)

Happy first Father's Day, Lane!!!!!!!!!!!

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