Friday, June 4, 2010

Milestones GALORE!

Our lives in the past 2 weeks have been filled with milestones for both Lane and Eden!

May 23: Lane got his promotion to 1st Lt
May 30: Eden was baptised at Dunwoody United Methodist Church in GA
June 3: Lane started API - the first part of flight school.
June 3: Eden rolled over for the first time...and she did it twice!

Wow, there have been so many BIG events in our lives that we have had lots of fun down here. Eden and I went to work early with Lane on Monday May 24 in order to be there for his promotion ceremony. He, along with 4 other Marines were promoted that morning.

Later that week we left for GA as a family. We arrived in GA on Thursday afternoon and were able to spend the long Memorial Day weekend with our families to celebrate Eden's baptism at our home church. It was a great weekend to catch up with family and have Eden baptised!

Just yesterday Lane was able to start API, which is the first portion of flight school that he will complete. While we are in Florida there are 3 portions of flight school that Lane will have to complete. Each school will become more and more specific to the aircraft that he will be assigned to fly. Also, yesterday, Eden rolled over for the first time! She rolled over twice from her belly to her back. Because she did it more than once I was able to get it on video for Lane to see! I was super excited and proud of her and I also got a little sad because it shows that she's growing up (something that I'm not quite ready for...I want her to be my little baby forever!)

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