Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Shower and Braxton Hicks!

This past weekend I drove up to Atlanta to have Eden's last baby shower. I hope the old saying that what you do on New Years Day is what you'll be doing for the new year to come holds little to no truth for me this year. I woke up and had breakfast with Lane and then had to leave him to drive for 5 hours to spend the weekend apart from him - not what I'm hoping to do this coming year for sure!

Eden is sure going to be one spoiled little girl!!! She got lots of great things - bath time stuff, clothes, diapers, wipes, a stroller, a high chair...more things than I could dream of listing here! I am so thankful that there are a ton of people who love her and came to show their love for her at the shower.

One of the biggest surprises at the shower was that a childhood friend of mine was able to come and my parents kept it a secret! Kim got married and shortly after moved to California, and now lives in New York, so it's been years since I've seen her. I was SO excited to see her walk through the door!!!

I got home from Atlanta yesterday evening and was able to spend the evening with Lane just relaxing on the couch after emptying the car of the shower gifts and semi putting them away. When I was able to sit down and put my feet up I noticed that I was starting to have contractions. The contractions weren't getting closer together and they weren't getting more intense with time, so I was content that they were Braxton Hicks contractions and was able to help myself relax! The contractions didn't cause pain, just discomfort and kind of odd feeling. I think it's funny how I can feel them more from the outside than from the inside because of how hard my belly feels. I am not worried about them, but I will make sure to talk to my doctor tomorrow when I go for my routine appointment.

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