Saturday, October 3, 2009


So, graduation from TBS has come and gone and now beginning on Monday Lane will begin Introductory Flight Screening (IFS) which will last anywhere from 30-50 days. The day before graduation Lane's parents and I were able to go to Warrior Day and experience a SMALL portion of what Lane went through during his 6 months of training while at TBS. We were able to see some of the things that Lane used and learned about while he was there. We also got to see the helicopter that Lane wants to fly when flight school is all said and done. Graduation was great and I know that Lane was excited to get there and make it through! There were retired Marines there to give out special awards at the ceremony which was awesome.

This just means that we are one step closer to living in Florida. This is a bitter sweet time for me as it means that I am beginning my transition at work in order to ensure that everything is in place after I'm gone and I'm also trying to begin to organize things around the house to ensure an easier move. Lane has begun looking for houses down in Florida so we will be sure to have an extra bedroom for anyone who wants to come and have a Floridian vacation in the near future!

We also made sure that Baby will have a place to sleep. This morning we found a crib/mattress and a changing table with a changing pad along with some night gowns, a travel swing, a bouncy seat, some toys, and burp cloths at a consignment sale. We couldn't have asked for a better deal and everyone that saw the furniture as we were taking it apart to put in the car told us that we practically stole the stuff that we got! We were excited to have the chance to get the items that we did!!!!!

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