Thursday, September 24, 2009

1 Week to Go!

So, we arrived in Quantico in June of 2008. Our furniture was actually delivered to us on our 1st wedding anniversary - yeah, I know, Happy Anniversary! Since we've been here we've been through a WHOLE LOT of stuff, and now we're a week from Lane's TBS graduation.

It all started when they thought he had a torn meniscus in his knee after checking that and his hip (which he hurt at OCS in 2007). Because of the knee they put him in a holding company at TBS in order to have everything checked out - which ended up NOT being a torn meniscus.

While Lane was in the holding company he had a surgery on his tail bone. This was because his surgeon in GA did the same surgery twice and didn't pay attention to what Lane was ever saying to him and therefore did not accomplish what was needed to solve the problem. His surgeon up here did a wonderful job and Lane recovered in a little over a month. At this point because of his surgery he did not even return to work until the beginning of November - which is already 5-ish months behind our original plans of how long we were going to be in VA.

While Lane was out with his tail bone he had his wisdom teeth taken out. This of course didn't really add to any extra waiting time for training - it was just another procedure at that point.

In January Lane was assigned to the Pentagon to work right down the hall from the Commandant of the Marine Corps. While he was working in this office he was "slugging" to work. Slugging is the form of organized hitch hiking that the Metro DC area offers. He would drive to a parking lot near our apartment and would hop in the car with a driver and another rider who was also going to the Pentagon so that they could ride in the HOV lanes and not sit in as much traffic. It is super organized and it even has it's own website with information about the rules of slugging to work.

Come April Lane picked up with Charlie Company - finally a training company at TBS! It was a day that we never thought we'd see! While in Charlie he endured long days and hours, and many over nights - some times in the field. Lane has gone through the training company making good grades and continuously put forth 110% in order to make it to the end - and here we are! This time next week Lane will be a TBS graduate!!!!!! YAY LANE!

During the training period Lane and I found out that we were going to be parents! All in all, I think that the wait to get to the training period was a blessing in disguise. If we didn't have the wait we wouldn't have the "perfect timing" of this pregnancy. We will get to Florida with a couple of months to get settled in before the baby is born and we'll be able to prepare (as much as we can) for our first child!!!

God has perfect timing for everything and I've seen parts of this while we've been in VA so I can tell you that living here has been a blessing in so many ways for us Daigles and I'm excited about the journey that lies ahead that will begin with Lane' graduation from TBS Charlie Company!

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