Saturday, May 3, 2014

Signs of Deployment

So, Lane has been gone for a month now. I started to notice trends over time in the past that show that he's gone. Gone can be for a trip that lasts a few days or weeks, but it can also be for a few months in a deployment. One of the tell tale signs that a family is enduring a deployment is the dishwasher...
Check it out:
~ kid *plastic* plates
~ kid *plastic* bowls
~ coffee cups {a must!}
~ pizza cutter
~ wine glass{es}
~ cereal bowls {used for any and all meals!}
~ condiment bowls {the baking sheets from making chicken nuggets don't get washed each time they're used because I put aluminum foil on the baking sheet and just toss it after each use. Don't judge, at least we're getting a hot meal or 2!!!}
~ water bottles for the kids and/or myself
~ kid forks/spoons

What you probably won't find:
~ real plates - we use paper plates or paper towels
~ pots
~ pans
~ baking pans
~ mixing bowls - no need to mix anything if you aren't cooking real meals.

We won't get into the other signs of deployment...
* Kitchen table used as storage space
* Laundry clean, but not folded {and for sure not put away}
* Hubby clothes on his side of the bed
* Heavy {but healthy - most of the time} snacks for dinner
* The back of hubby's car makes for more garage storage space
* Grass as tall as your 2 year old {and hopefully not as tall as your 4 year old}

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